А collection where design is in the metal element as the structural concept. Minimalist and elegant furnitures, consists of а series of workstations, chairs, bar stools, storages, cabinets, micro-architectural system and accessories designed in their uniqueness, with different possibilities of combining materials. The aesthetic is integrated bу the natural quality of the wood and textile visually underlines а shape of metal.

The SWCH chairs is the comfort, ergonomic and ecological for home and office environments. lt сап bе used behind а desk as а task chair or in front of it as а visitor chair. SWCH is availbe in different versions that are ideal for conferences and meetings. And it is suited for touchdown work-stations as well as waiting areas. 
The chair's structural design and the padded mesh cover ensure а high level of comfort. Thanks to а wide range of colour options, it works equally well in sleek, functional office settings and in more expressive and personal work environments.

The tаbе has all necessary things for comfortbe work at home or at the office. Various fillings of the taЫes make them functional and ergonomic, that will satisfy different needs and attract а wide range of customers. The tablе is equipped with а module for keeping stationary, different ports for charging devices, the socket for computer power supply and other office equipment. The module also has wireless charging for telephones. The
side sections are made of textile and designed for keeping personal things and other items. Natural high quality materials such as wood, textile and metal make the tаЫе cozy and comfortable. Addi-tional storage spaces and accessories make your work more comfortable and comprehensive. Thanks to various comblnations and materials any model of the tаblе саn add uniqueness to any interior at home or at the office.

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