K1_SCH, Stackable chair



K1_SCH  is a stackable hair and armchair. Chair is the result of a design brief from K1, where the assignment was to develop a stackable chair that combined pleasing aesthetics with rational function and design. The result was a chair characterized by a thin profile and a wide arched back. K1_SCH combines an attractive design with the stringent requirements of a stackable chair - it is easy to transport and to stack, as well as space-efficient and durable.

K1_SCH can be fitted with accessories such as an armrest and a foldable writing tablet. It is possible to connect multiple chairs with a linking device. Chair can also be equipped with removable upholstery for the back and seat, where the removability makes it possible to use the chair also when the upholstery is being cleaned.

Frame and armrest of Ø11 powder coated or chromium plated solid steel. The armrests upper part is in polyamide matching the colour of the seat shell. The armchair is suspendable with built-in slide protection. Stackable. Linkable chair-chair or chair-armchair.

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