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Simple form and materials creat a perfect design.

Cosy collection consisting of four basic pieces. This system versatile and modular, all the furniture can be customized to your environment and tastes.
Combine systems to create stylish, versatile and functional areas in public spaces ,office environments and homes. 

Cosy collection turning office landscapes into architect landscapes – inspiring, versatile and multi-faceted. Variants this system designed around the tasks that are to be performed

Storage system

Stable construction, perfectly organisable and simply designed. The Cosy storage is suitable for spatial organisation or to expand the work surface.Cosy storage system comprises office cabinets, wall shelves and wall cabinets that structure and enhance the work environment, along with auxiliary furniture such as pedestals and sideboards. Conceived as stand-alone pieces, the furniture items can be combined into many configurations.In combination, these items of furniture create micro architectural islands in the room.

Workplace system

The Cosy workplace product range stands out because of its new, top-quality solution for fixed workstations in compact home and office layouts. These workplace modules offer great comfort with individually customisable, sophisticated workstation organisation. They enable concentration and focus with great space efficiency in open-plan office layouts while simultaneously supporting teamwork with transparent elements and visual contacts. The desired visual and acoustic screening allows targeted control with varying cabinet heights.
Lounge system

Cosy is a multifunctional and modular product consisting of two basic pieces; a wall segment and a pouf. It’s unbelievable what you can do with these two elements. By adding different components to a basic seat you can make almost any kind of configuration to suit your needs.
You can create two-seater sofas, three-seater sofas, five-seater meeting spaces, sofa with high-back and low-back. Add a table top and you have yourself a nice little private workspace.

Organization system

Cosy organization system is a modular seating system that can offer different levels of privacy whenever needed. With space organization system, areas with different functions can be formed in open-plan spaces. The modules function as think tanks, meeting areas, telephone booths, wardrobes or service points with soundproofing inwards and outwards. Cosy organization system modules enable open-plan spaces to be split into areas for specific functions, while at the same time creating a productive and pleasant working atmosphere. When combined with tables and storage, the Cosy modules form a two-or four-person cube including a table or even seating areas for relaxation and meetings.

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