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The concept for making this hook is based on a common bended tube. The bended tube with a flattened base in the place of the bend was divided into two equal segments and a third segment that connects two vertices. It allowed to obtain an equilateral triangle, which be-came the geometrical basis for the hook. As a result, three equal sides with the same an-gles and rounded streamlined vertices form a proportional and ergonomic product.

An unusual shape of the hook has its own character, design and memorable appear-ance with a purpose to function as a system for storing things, handbags and other items. The hook has smooth rounded shapes at the top, which smoothly blend with the streamlined flattened bottom. This makes it convenient to use, as rounded top will not allow dents remain on clothes and other things. Also, due to its material and dimensions, it is possible to store large items and various tools on it. Hook operation involves its use both in the interior and outdoors. Rounded shape of a comfortable handle makes it safe for children and disabled people, by enabling its installation at different heights. For example, the hook can be mounted in the office, in various public places, lobby, bedroom or bathroom.
The manufacturing process involves a pre-fabricated mold for the model followed by polypropylene casting. The hook is made of two parts: a hidden fastening element and the hook itself. Since the hook geometry is based on the equilateral triangle, this makes it proportional with respect to each of its parts. Hook shape has two parts: a part that is attached to the wall and the second part to hang clothes or other items. Both these parts have inseparable structure and constitute a single integral cast part. The part that is attached to the wall has a recess for the hidden fastening ele-ment. It has two holes for self-tapping screws or bolts to attach to the wall, with cap screws com-pletely flush with the part and do not interfere with connection of two parts. The hidden element repeats the geometric shape of the streamlined hook being its integral p The hook is attached to the hidden fastening element with a small bolt screwed into the recess of the upper p of the hook. The kit includes: the hook, the hidden fastening element and a bolt to fasten these two parts. Self-tapping screws or bolts for attaching the hook to the wall or other surface are not included.

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